Q. Do you only sell rifles?

A. We stock and sell all types of firearms, both new and used.  We tend to carry a large variety of AR-15s, as well as parts and tools for them.  In addition to serialized items, we have ammo, cases of knives, suppressors, Mystery Ranch packs, multiple holster brands (including Bladetech and Safariland), and too many AR parts to count.

Q. Do you provide gunsmith services?

A. AR-15s are our specialty, but we also have Glock armorers on the clock at all times. We do not pretend to be experts on every gun, but we are more than willing to take a look at anything you’ve got.  Cerakote, pin & welds, parts installation, we can do it all…or find someone that can. We are your Portland area one stop shop. Click Here

Q. Are you a class III dealer / Do you sell NFA items?

A. Yes! And yes! We do sell NFA items. Give us a call or swing by the store to check availability on our inventory.

Q. Do you offer Blue Label / First Responder / Military discounts

A. Yes. We do offer Blue Label products for first responders and military. Contact us for Blue Label requirements. Some of the brands we carry for Blue Label are Glock, CZ, FN and Dan Wesson. Give us a call at (503) 352-9552 if you have additional questions.

Q. Do you offer private party transfer services?

A. Due to a statewide delay on background check processing, we are not currently offering Private Party Transfers.  Please give us a call at the store if you have questions, or for a recommendation of another local FFL who will facilitate them.

Q. Do you offer FFL transfer services?

A. Of course. Just fill out our transfer form. It will cost $25 for the paperwork on our end and $10 that goes to the state for the background check. If you have any questions regarding interstate restrictions please call us for clarification. And don’t forget that we do special orders! If you don’t see it in our store, talk to our staff to see if we can get it in for you!