Hawk Hill Talon Bipod Feet


Hawk Hill Custom Talon Bipod Feet are compact, easy-to-install and an excellent upgrade to your bipod for use on varied terrain. Dirt, mud, rock, concrete, wood, whatever, these feet will find and exploit any surface deformations, or create them to ensure solid traction for your shooting platform. We have tested these on rainy days here in the Pacific Northwest in the forest and up mountains, and one of our staff won’t shut up about them, and drags them everywhere on his 16″ ORW-15. We get it guy, its nicer than shooting off your pack…

  • Made in The USA in Virginia
  • Easy to install without permanent modification to your bipod
  • Compact design
  • Available for Atlas V8 (also fits Magpul) or Harris bipods

Additional information

Bipod Type

Atlas V8, Harris