TP Scout Magazine 556


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25 round AR15 magazine that just clears an Atlas bipod on the lowest deck height. Originally put together for a couple staff members that enjoy shooting off bipods and love 20 round mags way too much, they are made from a Gen M3 20 round PMAG mated with a Shield Arms +5 base with an added ranger band in the groove of the base, and topographic laser engraving on both sides. A little added weight on the bottom from the +5 base helps a bit for dropping free after the last round, while still weighing lighter than a fully loaded 30 round Pmag.  More importantly it adds a positive surface area to grip onto when pulling the mag from a pants pocket or pouch. Ranger bands are handy to have around and have all sorts of uses from strapping items down to getting a fire going. Perhaps the Goldilocks magazine nobody asked for, we dig ’em and you will too.

  • 25 round capacity
  • Clears an Atlas bipod on the lowest deck height.
  • Topographic laser engraved
  • Ranger band
  • Made in The USA