Need your headspace checked, a new handguard installed on your AR-15, or sights put on your Glock? Bring your firearm in and one of our armorers will take a look. If it’s outside of our expertise, we can typically point you in the right direction.


Due to a statewide delay on background check processing, we are not currently offering Private Party Transfers.  Please give us a call at the store if you have questions, or for a recommendation of another local FFL who will facilitate them.


Purchasing online or from out of state? Fill out our dealer transfer form to get the process started.


We are proud to offer Cerakote services through our partnership with a local certified professional. Please call the store, or email Tony at for further details.


Whether you are looking to purchase, transfer, or manufacture a suppressor, SBR, or anything else NFA related, we are dedicated to helping you through the process.  NFA services are by appointment only.  Please call the store or email for further details.